Frequently Asked Questions about
"Ads Agency Unlocked"...
Who is This Course For?
This course is for ANYONE who want's to start a Google Ads agency from scratch or grow their existing agency. From beginners to experts. Whether you've had any experience with Google Ads or not, you can follow this program as it's 100% step-by-step. You will learn EVERYTHING that I have done to start and scale my agency for the last 9 years and EVERYTHING I know about working with Google Ads for 15 years. 
How Do I Know This Course Will Work For Me?
If you're willing to put in some work... we have no doubts. In fact... we want to MAKE SURE that it will work for you. We want your feedback and where you're getting stuck. We've already had students land a client (within a week).

But... this takes work. If you're not going to put in some effort, no program is going to work. This is not a get rich quick program.

However, if you want to learn how to start your very own Google Ads agency and scale it to 6 figures or more, then you're in the right place.
Who is Mike Mancini and Why Should I Listen to Him?
Mike's a Google Ads expert with more than 15 years of experience in working with Google Ads/Adwords. He's worked with HUNDREDS of companies helping them with Google Ads including:

     • Mike owns his own Google Ads agency and has worked with hundreds of companies in the last 9 years
     • Mike has set up hundreds of brand new Google Ads campaigns from scratch
     • Mike has managed 10's of millions of dollars in Google Ads spend
     • Mike currently manages Google Ads for his own clients (some of his clients have been with him for 8+ years)
     • Mike trains other companies internal staff on how to work/set up/manage their Google Ads
     • Mike has his own Google Ads training course (it's included in this agency course)

Still wondering about Mike's experience? Check out his YouTube Channel Here
How Long Do I Have Access to the Course and Updates?
You will have LIFETIME access to all recordings / training done for the course as well as all future recordings / trainings and all coaching calls which will be recorded and added to the member's area each week.

Mike also ads new content to the course several times a month. 
Are There Any Hidden Costs?
NONE. It's a one-time payment (or 2 depending on your option at checkout) and you'll have lifetime access to the course. That's it.
How Much Time Will This Course Take Me?
That depends on you. You can go through the information as fast as you want to and start working right away. 

There is a TON of information, but you can literally start looking for clients almost immediately. We've had several students get clients in their first week in the course. Their ENTIRE investment in the course was covered in less than one week. 

We suggest going through the first 3 modules to learn about Google Ads and how to find clients. Then, we suggest to go out and find those clients as fast as you can. 

There is no reason for you to watch all of the videos on how to build a Google Ads campaign until it's time to build the campaign. If you don't have any clients yet, don't worry about building campaigns. All of the campaign builds are VERY step-by-step and will walk you through it when you're ready to set up your clients.
What Do I Actually Get When I Join?
• The entire live course training videos (more than 30 hours of training).
• More than 80 video tutorials.
• More than 30 templates, checklists & spreadsheets.
• All additional future videos that Mike ads
• 12 LIVE Coaching Calls with Mike Mancini
• Access to the "Member's Only" community for "Ads Agency Unlocked" where you can ask Mike questions.
Is This for Google Search Ads, Display, or Shopping Ads?
We concentrate on Google Search ads only. This course does NOT include any training on display or shopping ads.
Is This Course Updated for 2022?
100%. In fact, all videos have been updated as recently as February of 2022. Also, we try to keep our video trainings short (for 3 reasons). 

First, we want you to be able to complete a module... when YOU have the time. There's nothing worse than trying to carve out time to watch a 90 minute training video (that's WAYYYY too long). 

Second, if a training video becomes outdated, it allows us to be able to record a new one QUICKLY, without having to redo an hour long video presentation. 

Third, it's much easier to organize and easier for you to FIND the training video if you are looking for it later. 
What Other Tools Will I Need to Start My Agency?
We use call tracking software and landing page software (and we show you how to use them both and provide templates). 

With that said, our call tracking software starts at $45/month and the landing page software starts at $65/month. 

However, you do NOT have to get these right away, as you don't need them until you have clients. 

We teach you how to go out and find the clients and THEN you can get these tools. When you follow our systems, clients will pay you a setup fee ($500 or more) and you can then use some of that money to pay for the tools. 

And the cost of the tools isn't $100/client. That's just what it costs you to get started with those tools and you can run several clients with those packages.

In our agency, it costs about $10-$20/month in tools per client. However, when they are paying us $1000/month, that's still 98% profit. 
Will I Be Able to Ask You Questions / Is There Support?
Absolutely! That's what I'm here for.

We have LIVE weekly coaching calls (on Zoom) where you can ask me questions until you've run out. I've never ended a coaching call with questions still waiting to be answered. 

And our community is NOT a Facebook group. This community is easy to navigate and find answers to YOUR questions. In fact, there is a chance that someone has already asked the question that you may have. So you can navigate to that particular topic and find all sorts of great information from Mike AND other members of our community. 

And if you can't find the answer you're looking for, then simply ask it in the group and I will answer it. 

I'm in the community every Monday-Friday, several times a day (during business hours),. I will also sometimes check it on evenings and weekends and respond. But I've been told that I'm VERY responsive to questions. 

After spending 10 years of running Facebook groups, our community platform blows them out of the water! It's so much better.
Is There a Refund Policy?
Yes... we call it a performance guarantee. You have 30 days to try this course out. If you can show us, that you put in the work, that you filled out the information and made a good go out of it and still can't get your agency up and running, then I'll be happy to give you a full refund (within 30 days of your purchase).

However, if you're planning on just getting the information, going through all of the videos lightning fast (or not at all) and then just downloading all of the extras, templates, checklists & more, then you'd probably better not join. 

We know when people are viewing the content and downloading the information (we can see it in our system). If you're just planning on stealing this stuff... then please don't even bother to join.

I'm guaranteeing that you have everything you need to start your very own Google Ads Agency. I'm giving you MY BLUEPRINT that I've used in my agency for the last 9 years. I'm making sure that you can start your own agency "ASSUMING THAT YOU PUT IN THE WORK" by offering to give you MY PERSONAL ONE-on-ONE help to do so.

You put in the work... and you can have success. And, if you get 1 SINGLE CLIENT, you've more than paid for this training.
Will I Learn About Google Ads?
Yes. You will learn what you need to about Google Ads to be able to sell your service to clients. You will learn how to set up a Google Ads campaign (from scratch) for clients with the correct settings, adding keywords, ads and more.

We have SO MANY checklists, spreadsheets and tools to help you set up your campaigns lightning fast and get up and running. 

And you will learn how to optimize campaigns after they are up and running. Also, if you have quesitons about your Google Ads campaigns, Mike is there for help.
What if I Just Want to Start an Agency and Outsource the Google Ads?
If you DON'T want to learn Google Ads, we also teach you how to outsource that part of the job. 

With that said, you will still need to know enough about it to sell the service to clients (which we teach you how to do).

While I still work with Google Ads almost every day, I personally outsource the bulk of my Google Ads work so that I only work inside of my agency about 90 minutes a day. I show you how to do this if you want to go that route (and it's very easy). 
Do You REALLY Run Your Agency in Just 90 Minutes Per Day?
I've been asked this question a LOT! And the answer is YES.

That is not a slimy sales tactic to get more students. I truly do run my agency in around 90 minutes per day. Sure, there are days when I put more time in (especially when I have sales calls and am taking on new clients).

However, most of the time I am not taking calls (my agency is at capacity) and I have my assistants running the day-to-day Google Ads work. 

I spend my time in the morning simply reviewing what we have going on, answering any client quesitons and just checking on the campaigns.

The rest of my day, I work on my passion projects (like this course), spend time with my family, golf, spend time on the lake, and enjoy a great work/life balance.
What If I Have Other Questions (Not Answered Here)?
No problem at all. Please either use the webchat (the bubble located on the bottom right hand side of your screen to ask questions, or simply send them to and we will answer any additional questions that you have. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright @ 2020 
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